Frequently Ask Question

  • Q: Where is the manufacturing location of Cleanup? Any factories in Malaysia?

    A : Cleanup Kitchen is fully imported from Japan to Malaysia. All items (incl accessories) and our factories are origin/made from Japan only.

  • Q: How long does it take to make my cabinets?

    A : Roughly, we require about 3-4 weeks to complete your cabinet order. An order will not be put into production until the following conditions are met:

    • Deposit is paid
    • All appliances are selected
    • All material selections are finalized, and drawings are signed off on.
  • Q: Once an order is confirmed, how long does it take to ship from Japan to Malaysia?

    A : Usually it takes about 30-45 days.

  • Q: What are the advantages of stainless steel cabinet carcass?

    A : Compared to conventional kitchen wooden material, stainless steel is remarkably strong against molds. In a hot and humid environment, the wooden cabinets tend to rot and get moldy very easily. With our stainless steel cabinet it last more than 30 years and some of our customer’s cabinet lasted up till today as well.

  • Q: What are the advantages of using Cleanup Cabinet?

    : Firstly it is the stainless steel cabinet carcass 100% for sure. Secondly, Cleanup’s kitchen cabinet are widely known as modular system where its allow you to move your kitchen cabinet as your wish especially if you’re planning to move into your new home/space. Thirdly, our kitchen cabinets are prefect for Malaysia weather and especially FLOOD and this is because our kitchen carcass are stainless steel, anti-rust and mold when contact with water PLUS all the parts are easily replaceable and extendable.

  • Q: Is there any special feature of Cleanup?

    A : Yes of course! Other than the above mentioned, please do check our Tool Pocket, Slide Box and take a look at our most advance e-Coat and Special embossed finish in our catalog. The Tool Pocket and Slide Box are all purchasable/customizable according to your preference and lifestyle.

  • Q: Where can I download the catalog?

    A : On our website, top RIGHT - there is download column. Feel free to click-in to download our catalog and find out why Cleanup is the best kitchen solution and investment for you and your family.

  • Q: Does Cleanup compatible with other brand?

    A : Yes we are. Cleanup are mostly compatible with local brand in Malaysia too.

  • Q: Was it possible to buy the sink separately?

    : Yes you may.

  • Q: What is the price range of Cleanup Kitchen? How much does a Cleanup Kitchen cost?

    A : Cleanup Kitchen Stainless Steel Cabinets are based on a modular system. Therefore, our pricing is also based on a modular.

    Example: 2400mmL (8’ feet length) kitchen set cost around RM19,000.00 onward.

    (this pricing is without the installation, worktop, tap fittings and kitchen appliances)

  • Q: Why do Cleanup want to know my budget?

    A : Our kitchen cabinet is based on modular system. We have a few series of our door panels which are at different pricing. Materials and cabinet door panel selection play a big part in the cost of a kitchen, those are the factors that will determine the final price. It is very important that you share us your budget so that we could provide you the best solution and recommendation based on your price point.

  • Q: How to book an appointment and is the showroom were only based on appointment?

    : Yes, our showroom is only based on appointment. To book an appointment with us, you may reach us in our website (Contact Us page) by submitting the form/message OR you can call us at +603-78873838 and/or +6016-3807771

    Our showroom is located at Kelana Jaya, PJ and please book an appointment with us 5 days before the date of the visit.

  • Q: Is there anything I should be aware of and what to bring along during the showroom visit?

    A : Basic Floor plan with dimensions! No worries, with manual hand writing floor plan are okay with us as well. With this information, we are able to give you the rough estimation of pricing and free consultation on the spot during the visiting.

  • Q: Is there anything fee or charges upon the consultation?

    A : Nope! Free on us as we are happier to provide you the best kitchen solution for you and your family.

  • Q: Does it comes with warranty?

    A : Yes it does. 5 years warranty will be provided subjected to manufacturer defect.