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CEOKyoichi Inoue, Chairman

Cleanup's new beginning -
Striving to be a 'Company creating cheerful smiles in the family.'

The history of Cleanup is the history of revolutionizing and modernizing kitchens in Japan. We have continually followed the livelihoods of our customers with an inquisitive mind and have observed the smiles of our customers in kitchens throughout Japan. Born from our 60-year history, the stainless steel system kitchen S.S., combining sophisticated beauty and performance, and CLEANLADY, now synonymous with system kitchens, have become trusted brands, allowing Cleanup as 'The Kitchen Company' to connect with our customers.

However, the current of the times is calling for change. Our customers now have more diverse values and lifestyles in an aging society with a declining birthrate. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year, we at Cleanup have decided to set forth 'Creating cheerful smiles in the family' as our new corporate philosophy and have declared a new beginning for the company.

As a hardware manufacturer which simply manufactures and markets products, we are not able to directly create real smiles on the faces of our customers. It is important to maintain an awareness of our customers' lives in order to propose lifestyles and home environments that reflect the times. Further, unless we can provide customer-oriented services, we will not be able to properly respond to the diversification of customer needs. The diverse range of expertise and inspiration that has been cultivated over years of experience, as well as the joy and courage that we receive from our customers, really provide us with momentum.

With a wish to see the genuine smiles of our customers, we at Cleanup are taking great strides to become a 'Company creating cheerful smiles in the family.'

Cleanup's Corporate Philosophy

philosophy images
philosophy images

Corporate History

1949 Started a private company in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo for production and sales of zataku tables made of zelkova wood.
1960 Changed the company name to Inoue Kogyo Co., Ltd. and began production and sales of stainless steel sinks.
1961 Created the Cleanup brand and introduced the industry’s first stainless steel sink (CSM) model with a rice chest.
1962 Newly built the first factory, Hisanohama Factory, in Iwaki, Fukushima.
1963 Opened the first sales base, Kita-Kyushu Sales Office.
1967 Newly built Yotsukura Factory as the main factory.
1969 Established Cleanup Transportation Co., Ltd.
Formed Cleanup Dealers Association.
1970 Opened the first showroom in Iidabashi, Tokyo.
Dispatched an investigative team on kitchen facilities to the U.S.
1971 Established Cleanup Joban Kogyo Co., Ltd. (now Yumoto Factory).
Dispatched an investigative team on kitchen facilities to Europe and U.S.
1973 Introduced the first system kitchen in Japan.
1974 Newly built Kashima Factory.
Established Cleanup Commercial Kitchen Industrial Co., Ltd.
1976 Established Cleanup Stainless Processing Co., Ltd.
1977 Established Kyushu Cleanup Industrial Co., Ltd.
1978 Launched “Counter Kitchen,” which became the prototype for Cleanlady.
Entered technical partnership with Inco Limited (UK) in stainless steel coloring.
Newly built Kashima Art Factory.
1979 Established Cleanup Hong Kong Limited.
1980 Hosted a group of trainees from China for technical training in the production of kitchen equipment (Total of 106 trainees in five programs accepted through 1984).
1981 Established Cleanup Okayama Industrial Co., Ltd.
1983 Opened Beijing Office in China.
Changed the corporate name to Cleanup Corporation.
Absorbed the subsidiary Cleanup Joban Kogyo Co., Ltd. (now Yumoto Factory).
Launched “Cleanlady,” the industry’s first system kitchen with easy installation.
1984 Newly built Kashima System Factory.
1985 Launched the first system bathrooms, "Matsu no yu" and "Take no yu".
1986 Introduced the new production system CPS (Cleanup Production System).
1988 Established Shimoniida Cleanup Industries Co., Ltd.
Agreed on technical collaboration with ICI Ltd. (England) for the production of artificial marble.
Registered with Japan Securities Dealers Association for OTC trading.
1991 Upgraded to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1992 Newly established Crete Factory to manufacture plastic products.
1993 Honorary Chairman Noboru Inoue received the "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette"
1996 Established Cleanup Laboratory.
Kashima System Factory, Kashima Factory and Yumoto Factory acquired ISO9001 certification, the international standard on quality control
Newly established Cleanup Research Institute.
1997 Yotsukura Factory, Noda and Kashima Factories of Cleanup Steel Processing Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001 certification.
Established Cleanup Career Service Co., Ltd.
1998 Launched the industry’s first stainless cabinet system kitchen “S.S.” with all sliding storage spaces.
Became the first kitchen manufacturer to acquire certification for the ISO9000 series for all factories including affiliates.
1999 Launched the industry’s first system kitchen “Cleanlady” with floor containers.
Kashima Factory acquired ISO14001 certification, the international standard on environmental control.
2000 Introduced stainless cabinet system kitchen “S.S.” equipped with floor containers.
Cleanup Wrestling Team’s Kazuyuki Miyata competed in the Sydney Olympics.
2002 Completed the new wing for press work at Yumoto Factory.
Established the logistics company, Cleanup Logistics Co., Ltd.
2004 Cleanup Group acquired ISO14001 certification as a corporate group.
Established joint corporation Shanghai Cleanup Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China for production and sales of system kitchens and opened the Shanghai Showroom.
2005 Established trading company Cleanup (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Launched the system kitchens "S.S." and "Cleanlady" equipped with the industry's first "Super Silent Sink".
Cleanup Career Service Co., Ltd. opened the private nursing home, "Kansha no Sato Iwaki"
Cleanup Okayama Industrial Co., Ltd. newly built the Tsuyama Factory.
2006 "Super Silent Sink" received the 11th Japan Stainless Steel Association Outstanding Performance Award.
Introduced the renovation strategy "Mizu-mawari Kobo" at the national network level.
Exhibited "Super Silent Sink" in Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago, USA (2006-2008).
2007 Launched "Aqulia-Bath" based on the 7Smiles Cycle.
Launched the washstand vanity "S" equipped with stainless steel cabinets.
Launched self-cleaning rangehood, "Ara-eru Rangehood".
Introduced the 20-year support program "Smile 20".
Opened a party space at the Shinjuku Showroom.
2008 Founder and Honorary Chairman, Noboru Inoue, passed away.
Launched the first system kitchen "S.S." in Japan equipped with "S.S. Servo".
Launched the popular-type system kitchen "Rakuera".
Launched the system kitchen "S.S. Light Package".
Opened the new "Dreamia Club" site on food and lifestyles.
2009 Celebrated the 60th anniversary as the second foundation of the company and formulated the corporate philosophy "A company creating cheerful smiles in the family"
Launched the system bathroom "hairo"
Received the Gold Prize for the Third Kids Design Award
2010 Simultaneously launched 4 products to commemorate the second foundation of the company.
2011 Launched Cleanlady, the stainless cabinet kitchen.
First participated as an exhibitor in Eco-Products 2011.
2012 Special sponsorship at Iwaki Sunshine Marathon.
Remodeled Aqulia-Bath for the first time in five years and released it.
Opened Kitchen Town Cleanup Osaka, the showroom in the sky.
Remodeled and launched "Fancio," the washstand vanity.
Established Cleanup Foundation as part of support for the devastated area in Fukushima.
Launched food education activities by participating in a "Bento Day" promotion project.
2013 Launched the first "We Love Family Time!" campaign.
Launched the system bathroom "Yuasis".
"Super Silent Sink" won the 5th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award awarded by Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
"Ara-eru Rangehood" won the Good Design Award 2013.
Launched the system kitchen S.S. featuring the "Bi coat worktop".

Japan Awards


Good Design Award 2015  Stream Flow Sink


Good Design Award 2008  Self Cleaning Cooker Hood


The 14th stainless Association Awards  CleanLady


The 11th stainless Association Awards  Super Silent Sink


Super Manufacturing parts Award 2009  Handy Pocket